Jogo bonito

Portugal jerseyTerrible, dark photo taken in a mirrored window.

I learned a valuable lesson today while walking around downtown with my direct-from-eBay Portugal jersey — people are going to expect you to know something about the game. An article I read somewhere said only 6% of Americans are following the World Cup at all, so at least I know I’m in that demographic somewhere. But judging by the number of jerseys I’ve seen today, that number must be significantly higher in metro D.C. And when people see you sporting a team’s jersey, they’re going to want to talk soccer with you.

While walking up 18th toward K St., I was a little startled when a passing England fan patted me on the shoulder and offered his condolences in his best British accent: “I’m going to feel bad when we beat you guys tomorrow.” Rather than showing off my command of the Portuguese language, I chose instead to laugh nervously. Thankfully, he was walking much faster than I was. Also, I don’t know any Portuguese.

Later, the other passenger in the elevator ride upstairs noticed my jersey. “Did you see the Argentina game?” he asked.

“Not the whole thing,” I lied.

“But did you see the end?”

Another nervous laugh from me and the conversation ended just as I reached my floor. Clearly I need to start paying more attention to the games or give up the jersey. Downtown D.C. is not safe for fair-weather fans.

Speaking of fair weather, I took advantage of the uncharacteristically dry D.C. weather to try out the improved camera on my Sidekick 3. Despite a few shipping mix-ups which were pretty much all my fault, I managed to pick up the phone at the UPS office in Landover, MD, last night and so far I’m pretty happy with it. The trackball seems like a big improvement over the scroll wheel, and I’ve already got the meager 64mb miniSD card loaded up with an assortment of MP3s. While I hunt down a flash card with a little more room, take a look at the shots I grabbed over on Flickr.

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