Roll On

The Little Willies album cover

You can do worse than getting new music recommendations from a cab driver in Austin, Texas. That’s what I thought, anyhow, on the ride from Las Manitas to the La Quinta just before leaving town after SXSW Interactive last week.

We had just enough time in the short trip up Congress Ave. to hear the end of a song before the DJ came on and said the band’s name was “The Little Willies” — I had the forethought to send myself an email right away, and then I did a little Googling when I got home and I’ve been enjoying the album ever since. Heck, finding their page even gave me a reason to take a second look at MySpace (no, I still don’t think I get it).

The band features piano and vocals by Norah Jones on what I guess I’d describe as a collection of jazzy, country bluegrass. Finding The Little Willies wasn’t the most significant part of my fifth SXSW by a longshot — see Justin’s writeup for more — but right now, after returning to the real world recharged and full of creative juices, it makes as good a soundtrack as anything else while I figure out what comes next.

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