Best trivia team name

The team sitting next to us at this week’s Wonderland trivia night came up with this gem for their team name:

“Judge Roberts’ view on the right to privacy in the case of Smelt It v. Dealt It.”

While the legal scholars study the issue (we feel he would side with Smelt It), we’re enjoying our free Scotch — and our team (Your Ad Here) is in third place.

Update: Smelt It officially won the best name for the night and walked away with a sweet set of Amstel glassware. Oh, and our team won the trivia contest — and our bar tab is covered! Free Scotch, free booze, and the respect and admiration (or at least the jealous sideward glances) of our peers. We’re actually good at something! If only our team name were better — maybe next week.

3 Responses to “Best trivia team name”

  1. Gary Boatwright Says:

    You know, I’m a bit disappointed you’re supporting Chris Bell. He another republican lite we need to get rid of in favor of a liberal activist.

  2. Mike Says:

    I sent this reply via email, but figured I should add it to the site as well.

    I know Chris Bell as the guy who filed the ethics complaint against Tom DeLay, who’s on a campaign to rid the Texas state government of corruption and who’s strongly committed to fixing the things the GOP has been doing wrong, starting with public education. His dedication to the cause of stem cell research is notable as well.

    Is any Democrat who’s trying to swim upstream in a red state “Republican Lite”?

  3. Katie Says:

    Yeah, a liberal activist really has a chance of being elected in Texas.
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