BORF arrested?

This from the D.C. Police Dept. via the 3DSubstation Yahoo! Group:

MIDNITE UNITS ARRESTED “BORF” – the infamous graffiti artist that has plagued Parkview, Columbia Heights, Pleasant Plains, Ledroit Park, etc etc

At 0315 hours – officers who were on routine patrol were flagged down at V Street/Georgia Avenue when a citizen reported that there were a group of guys spraypainting buildings on 7th STreet — the officers pulled up and observed three subjects spraypainting and the subjects took off running when officers approached — the officers chased down all three subjects and caught them in the 2100 blk of 9th Street:


Richard Lee – A/male from Great Falls, VA
John Tsombikos – W/male from Great Falls, VA (the main “borf”)
John Doe – w/male WHO REFUSED ALL INFO

All were charged with Defacing private property

Note that this report identifies “the main ‘borf’” — not sure if that means the police recognized him. And since I’m a blogger and not a journalist, I have no additional information but will post any updates as I run across them.

8 Responses to “BORF arrested?”

  1. anonomous Says:

    … i think this post needs to be erased or else take those peoples real names off…

    trying to get fame and notoriety off finding out something like this is shameless… please erase this… youre only gonna get those people in more trouble

  2. forever more Says:

    ^ agreed^ …and they’re not even proven to be responsible for any graffiti related to borf. so why slander their names?

  3. Mike Says:

    I haven’t made any allegations, I’ve just copied and pasted a police report — information that’s available in plenty of other places. In addition, even if I decided to redact their names for some reason, both of the people named in the report have commented on the record to the Washington Post, and Tsombikos, identified as “the main borf,” gave extensive interviews.

  4. POS Says:

    Leave it up there, it’s public domain once they’re arrested right?

  5. WhoGives Says:

    What is this crap why don’t you take down there names I agree unless you have nothing better to do than to bash people that stand up for their rights.

  6. L Says:

    John told everyone that if he was arrested he wouldn’t mind if the Washington Post printed his identity, I have known him since elementary school and I am pretty sure he doesn’t mind, I just hope people don’t harrass his family.

  7. xxx Says:

    i’m pretty sure they went to my highschool … i dont know if theyd mind or not because they gave the go ahead to publish everything once they were arrested. i just cant believe that it was those three…

  8. MaSe-1 Says:

    man thats so f***ked up how they got cought then u people have the nerve to interview him and put his name all his info on the net take it off..all he did was express his mind..which most people should do…

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