Bush’s plan for Iraq

AmericaSupportsYou Sports BottleI have to admit, I had my doubts about President Bush’s speech to the nation this evening — after all, Donald Rumsfeld said this weekend that American troops will need up to 12 years to defeat the insurgents in Iraq, and violence is escalating throughout the country with Iraqi security forces, U.S. troops and government officials bearing the brunt.

So I was anxious to see Bush’s address tonight. Would he offer specifics, the type of detailed plan the American public need to hear to reassure us that the situation is under control? Well, I needn’t have worried:

The America Supports You logo consists of the type unit, “America Supports You,” and a heart-and-ribbon mark to form a complete lockup. It may be used with or without the tagline, “Our Military Men & Women.”

This is a bold and unprecedented plan, and the full details are being presented on a new Department of Defense website located at I admit I’m no military strategist, but has a strategy like this ever been so well documented — right down to a logo standards manual?

The logo is available in a horizontal and a vertical configuration.

Hear that, al-Zarqawi? I bet the insurgency doesn’t have a logo at all, let alone multiple versions. Seriously, the choice of PMS 1795 caught me off-guard — and you’ve gotta see the one-color options on this baby. Need to reverse it on a solid, dark colored background? DOD’s got you covered.

I’m waiting for further analysis, so by no means should this coverage be considered comprehensive, but I’m impressed by the variety of options available on the official program materials page, and I suspect we’re only scratching the surface. Patriotic marketers are given design ideas ranging from mugs and lapel pins to shopping bags and sports bottles — and be sure to add your company’s logo for that special cross-promotional touch!

2 Responses to “Bush’s plan for Iraq”

  1. justpowers Says:

    Well thank god there is a plan…I wonder why Rummy didn’t mention this on the Sunday talk shows? Think I could get the logo printed up on poop bags for Moose? That would definitely spread the message.

  2. Emily Says:

    Is that an iPod shuffle?
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