Jenna Bush is totally smoking

Jenna Bush at Saint Ex
Photographic proof (courtesy Jen’s Flickr feed)
Emily, Michael, Jen and I went to Saint Ex tonight to meet up with some friends and hang out. It was basically an uneventful evening until a group of people walked in — along with Jenna Bush. Yeah, that Jenna Bush. She’s at the bar next to us right now, and she’s smoking like a chimney.

The camera on my Sidekick sucks in the dark, so I can’t Flickr anything right now. But there she is, and we’re all sort of trying to act like we don’t care. Mostly we don’t.

Go Mavs.

Update: as Michael points out, it’s particularly satisfying to see Jenna dancing so close to Democrats who are having a good time. Dean Democrats.

3 Responses to “Jenna Bush is totally smoking”

  1. DK Says:

    Good for her. Life’s tough enough in a fishbowl – glad she’s having some fun ;-)

  2. 808 Says:

    did you catch what brand she was smokin?

  3. Says:

    Afternoon Link

    Jenna Bush spotted at Cafe St. Ex?
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