Seth Williams for D.A.

There’s some exciting stuff happening on Philadelphia blogs today, the third city-wide day of action for Seth Williams, candidate for District Attorney. Seth is a reform candidate running against the Philadelphia political machine, and he’s embraced the internet as a way to reach out to voters who might not otherwise know they have a choice in the elections on May 17th. Not only does he have an active campaign website, but he’s spoken at area Meetups, responded to messages on our listservs and Yahoo! groups, and even talked shop with the Philly chapter of Drinking Liberally.

Along the way, Philadelphia progressive bloggers have been energized by his message and encouraged by his plans to fix a broken D.A. system, to work in the city’s neighborhoods and, unlike his opponent, to view the death penalty only as a last resort. So today, a group of bloggers are taking part in a coordinated effort to get the word out and encourage Philadelphians to pledge to votes for Seth.

A compelling ventolin case for his candidacy can be found on Young Philly Politics as well as on the Seth Williams for D.A. website. Actually, you’ll find endorsements of Williams throughout Philly’s progressive blogosphere today no matter where you go. A running tally of the posts can be found at this YPP link (it’s actually a larger list than what’s showing right now, and is sure to keep growing).

Not many people are expected to vote in the elections on May 17th — turnout is expected to be around 25%. But if this message gets out, voters can send a message that the status quo isn’t good enough. If you’re in Philadelphia, please consider pledging to vote for Seth. He’ll also be appearing Friday night at the PA for Democracy kickoff with Jim Dean and Joe Hoeffel if you’d like to hear him speak in person.

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  1. philly Says:

    Vote Seth Williams

    Today is twelve days until the Democratic primary, May 17th. Today is the third day of online action that a bunch of us Philly bloggers have come together to help bring some noise to the Seth Williams camp. There has
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