My ham sandwich is going to win

Earlier this year, when it became clear John Kerry would be the Democratic nominee, someone asked me what I thought our chances were.

My smartass answer was, “I think a ham sandwich could do a better job running this country than George W. Bush, and I’m voting for the ham sandwich.”

Over the summer, my candidate looked a little weaker than I might have liked, and as the debates approached I was concerned he wouldn’t pull it off.

After seeing who won the debate, I am no longer worried.

John Kerry has been excellent tonight, and Bush has nobody—apart from the split-screen—to blame but himself.

The debate is still going on, but I’m making lunch plans tomorrow. Meet me at the Dirty Deli—I’ll be the guy eating a ham sandwich and smiling more than I have in a while.

2 Responses to “My ham sandwich is going to win”

  1. charlesdog12 Says:

    Yeah, he rocked tonight. I am sure that that makes your job a lot easier. Good lcuk, and I will talk to u in November.

  2. Katie Says:

    He was like a grilled ham and cheese with dijon mustard and a bowl of creamy tomato soup on the side.
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