Sound Bites for Truth

Question of the Day
Question of the Day
From: Mike Carvalho
Date: Wed Sep 8, 2004 07:48:34 US/Eastern
Subject: Question of the Day: Debates matter

The debates force the two candidates to deliver real answers which we don't get from campaign ads and sound bites. I'm afraid that's why George W. Bush is trying to pull out of one of the debates -- he's doing diclofenac just fine with sound bites and swift boat ads. If debates didn't matter, Bush wouldn't be trying so hard to wiggle out of them.

Mike Carvalho
Chester Springs, PA

7 Responses to “Sound Bites for Truth”

  1. Jen Says:

    woo hoo, you’re famous!

    and alive!

  2. charlesdog12 Says:

    Rock on Mike! I see you did your bi-annual blog entry. Good luck with all your good work at your new job.

  3. Christine Says:

    Go Mike… Go Mike… Go Mike… :) I don’t know why this made me do the happy dance, but it did. Wow, it’s almost like you’re famous! (And alive! Yeah! He’s alive!)

  4. Kristin Says:

    Wow, this is the first time you’ve posted since I met you…. does that mean that we haven’t known each other very long? or that you don’t post often? I’ll be pondering that question for the rest of the day :)

  5. ash Says:

    it is defeating the purpose of all this technology when you have to drive two hours in your car to come to my house and tell me that you have updated your website, because I stopped checking it 6 months ago.

  6. Ken Carman Says:

    If what I’ve heard about the “agreement” Bush team had the Kerry team sign is true, Bush succeeded. Neither “debater” can directly challenge the other or address them directly.

    Those aren’t debates, they’re just forums for regurgitated, stale campaign rhetoric.

    Even the audience is cherry picked not to offend POTUS with a possible Kerry supporter.


  7. Katie Says:

    You are so cool.
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