Pulling Out the Stops

Following up on my post over at the Change for America blog, there have been additional salvos fired from both sides in the fight over anti-Bush ads.

Most significant is the $5.1 million campaign launched today by former Clinton adviser Harold Ickes’ “Media Fund” group — view the ad here. (The script will sound familiar to anyone who’s heard a Dean stump speech: the narrator speaks about “hope, not fear” and says it’s time to “take our country back.”) CNN reports that the Bush-Cheney campaign will file a complaint with the FEC in an attempt to shut down the ads.

The New York Times examines the fight between the GOP and what they call an emerging “shadow” political party, and the Washington Post takes a closer look at the way groups like the Media Fund and will operate parallel to the Democratic Party and the Kerry campaign to help defeat Bush in the fall.

Meanwhile, the Log Cabin Republicans are hitting at their party from within, running an ad campaign of their own denouncing the Bush-backed Hate Amendment by using the words of a familiar GOP spokesperson — Dick Cheney himself.

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    Yes please. Change For :D
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