“Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean”

Mikes for Dean
Gov. Howard Dean in Philadelphia, flanked by the Philly4Dean driving/web team.
One of the very few people who hasn’t yet given up hope that I’ll eventually post something to this site commented the other day that even if I’ve got nothing to write about other than Gov. Howard Dean, the Dean campaign and local campaign activities, the least I can do is put up some sort of fresh content. She was right, of course—there’s almost as much mention of Dean in my day-to-day life as there is in one of Sen. John Kerry’s press conferences (see the clip here).

So here it is: since the Philadelphia rally a month ago, we’ve continued to build a local/regional organization and I’ve participated in all sorts of activities. Some of the highlights include taking a bus trip to the Sleepless Summer Tour rally in NYC, packing Sec. 505 of Veterans Stadium with Dean supporters to watch the Phillies beat the Mets, and seeing attendance at area Meetups skyrocket as we continue to add new venues. We’ve got bright red Philly4Dean t-shirts now so people can see us coming, and we’re sildenafil preparing more high-profile events like the Sept. 20 Cheesesteaks For America.

I’ve been busy behind the scenes too, and not just on web pages and e-newsletters. On Monday night, local organizers were contacted by campaign headquarters because Gov. Dean was coming to Philadelphia to speak at a fundraising event and would need transportation to and from 30th Street Station. Being underemployed has its perks: along with Mike P., Philly4Dean web designer and creative director, my name was picked out of the hat and we had the opportunity to meet the governor and shuttle him and his staff around town. I tried my best not to gawk, but when Gov. Dean graciously agreed to have his picture taken with us, I unfortunately put on the goofiest face I could.

At least I didn’t get lost—the doctor made it to Maryland for the debate later that night and turned in a performance William Saletan called a “touchdown.” Not a bad day.

22 Responses to ““Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean, Dean””

  1. Christine Says:

    DUDE! There is a picture of YOU with Gov. Dean! GET OUT! The other days there were pictures of Ben & Mena with Dean. Coincidence? I think not.

    Dean obviously knows who the cool bloggers are. (Even if you don’t bother to post. Big meanie.)

    By the way, what’s up with that smirk on your face? :)

  2. Katie Says:

    Yeah, man. Cool. Smashing.

  3. sphinx Says:

    Hey, that guy on the left looks familiar….

  4. ash Says:

    what about the guy on the right? do you have his number?

  5. Andy Says:

    You’re the man now dog!

  6. michaelbrown Says:

    I know why Mike is smirking: Dean’s grabbing his butt! (Look closely.)

  7. jon Says:

    Is anyone in Philly 6 feet tall? Just wondering.

  8. Laura in DC Says:

    Wow, you are SO lucky! Last time Dean came to Philadelphia I wanted to go to the airport to pick him up, but that car was full! I am living in DC most of the year now, but I am back home in South Jersey occasionally, so if you ever get to do this again, can you let me know if there is room in the car?

  9. michaelbrown Says:

    And it’s been one month since this post. Are you still with us, dear Barking Moose Mike?

  10. Matt Says:

    Yes, your Houston peeps are missing you too. BTW, that’s a snappy shirt. Where’s it from?

  11. Sooz Says:

    People in Boston are wondering, too.

  12. jon Says:

    Man, what? Poor whites who fly confederate flags? Would you tell Dean that I would be happy to walk him through a southern PR session. There is a way to get their votes, but that ain’t it!

  13. Fraser Says:

    Even the heathen hoardes in New Zealand are awaiting your return. We’ve eaten people for less grevious offenses than taking two months off bloggin.

    Still, you look like you’ve lost a bit of condition (fat) around the puku in the photo there Mike. Diet?

  14. Christine Says:

    I saw two different people today that reminded me of you. Do you think it’s a sign or something? I figured it meant I should come and tell you “Hi!” and that I miss you. Write soon. :D

  15. Saddam Clause Says:

    “HO HO HO! I’m here from a distant land to take your mind of His Dean-ness for a moment. HO HO HO! Click my name for a Holiday photo to bring joy to all the little boys and girls. You’ll shoot your eye out kid. HO HO HO!”

  16. ashley Says:

    are you dead?

  17. Sooz Says:

    It’s a bad sign when your own roommate asks if you are dead!

    Since you aren’t updating your website, I guess your pals have to resort to adding links for you. ;)

    The letter to the editor written by Mr. Carvalho included in yesterday’s Washington Post:

  18. jon Says:

    I think this site is dead, just no one has buried it yet. Is there a post anywhere in the future?

  19. ash Says:

    i will blog for him on my site, that will teach him a lesson

  20. jon Says:

    Iowa, now new Hampshire. I see the water spinning somewhat similar to a toilet bowl. If he doesn’t do something soon…. like a turd in a churn.

  21. Fraser Says:

    Is the toiletbowl another football trophy I didn’t know about?

  22. Strange Currency Says:


    the house is quiet. again. darling roommate has gone to new hampshire. to knock on doors, i guess. or call…
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