What a day

This is the best picture I got from my spot in the middle of the crowd
A shot from the middle of the crowd: Gov. Howard Dean, Councilman Angel Ortiz and Philly4Dean’s Jennifer Powers.
Close to 4,000 people came to the rally we held in Philadelphia for Gov. Howard Dean on Monday, more than at any previous event so far nationwide. Dean was stuck in Washington, D.C. due to bad weather, but the crowd continued to grow while we waited for his flight to land. The forecasts had called for rain, but the worst we got were some ominous clouds that trapped the hot, muggy air. When the Governor arrived, he delivered a rousing speech and then was followed by thousands of supporters up 5th St. where the candidates’ forum was being held. As the crowd outside the Constitution Center cheered, chanted and waved signs, they were clearly visible—and audible—to the media, the attendees and the other candidates inside the glass-walled building.

The event got decent coverage in the Daily News and again in the Philadelphia Weekly, but the Philadelphia Inquirer missed the point—as well as the Governor—because the reporter left early, possibly due to indigestion after trying to eat cheesesteaks with Sen. John Kerry.

Dean and the Phillies jersey
Dean puts on the Phillies jersey and shows it to the crowd.
A collection of photos is available on the official Dean for America website, including a shot of Dean wearing the Phillies jersey we presented him during the rally. What you can’t see in that shot is that “Dean 04” was embroidered on the back by my (supposedly undecided) roommate. Update: Philly4Dean database guru and videographer extraordinaire Christoph grabbed some video caps of the Governor putting on the Phillies jersey.

I’ve been peripherally involved in campaigns before, but nothing on this scale—I even deejayed the rally with Elvis’s “A Little Less Conversation,” the theme song from Rocky, and everything in between. It was an amazing day, and I’m working with an incredible group of people here in Philadelphia. We’re all energized to keep working and building momentum.

10 Responses to “What a day”

  1. ash Says:

    i’m not undecided. i’m definitely voting for someone besides howard dean.

  2. Jen Says:

    ash – maybe you won’t vote for him, but a HUGE thanks for doing all that work on the jersey! I think the biggest roar from the crowd on Monday came when he put on the jersey and turned around with his hands in the air…

  3. Mike Says:

    I so wish I had that picture.

  4. ash Says:

    it’s weird, i tried to sabotage it so that all the letters would fall off when he raised his arms. i dont know what happened…

  5. robert Says:

    dj mike

    I bet you had that crowd jumpin’.

  6. jon Says:

    The jersey is sweet. But, uh… where are we on my picture?

  7. Christine Says:

    That is really, really, really incredibly COOL. I *heart* Dean.

  8. andy Says:

    Hey now! A bit more impressive than your “Save the Pine Weasel” and “Co-ed Nakid Jello Wrestling” shirts eh?

    It is unfortunate that he’s running as a Democrat (and that said sad party is his only chance to compete against “The Dubya”)because when/if he gets the nomination he will have to do the shuffle to the middle :/. Whatever works I guess.

    I predict some shady Watergate-type business to be going on (hopefully nothing worse). I just hope they get caught (Bush always makes money for his “partners” just like Hyman Roth)

  9. ash Says:

    mike i know (from living here) that you don’t have anything to talk about but howard dean but does that mean you are never going to blog again just so you can keep him at the top of the page? at least put up fresh content.

  10. Laura in DC Says:

    I was there! I was amazed that they held off starting the debate so he would have time to speak to us. I said that that was how we knew he was in the big leagues now, because they did not wait for Sharpton the week before when he had a “non-union cab driver” and got there late.
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