Dean comes to Philly

Media darling Howard Dean
King of all media.
Gov. Howard Dean is coming to Philadelphia next Monday at a time when there seems to be a convergence of media coverage and interest in this insurgent, Internet-powered grassroots campaign. This week the doctor is on the covers of all the major newsweeklies, was featured in a high-profile story on the front page of the Sunday Washington Post and has made appearances all over the national news, including last night’s Larry King Live. So far, this has been the summer of Dean, as his candidacy has evolved from that of a quirky outsider to one with a legitimate chance of taking the Democratic nomination and fundamentally changing national politics.

For me, this campaign is about shaking things up in Washington and undoing the damage done by the second Bush administration, both at home and abroad. There is no question that Dean is already making waves in national politics through his principled positions, straight talk and unprecedented use of the Internet. And I believe his fiscally conservative, socially progressive positions are very much in line with the views of a majority of Americans who are not easily labeled by pundits and talking heads.

All the Democratic candidates for President will be in Philadelphia next Monday, August 11th for a forum at the new National Constitution Center. Because of the amount of support for the Dean campaign in this area, the Governor is coming in early for a rally outside the Independence Visitor Center. The event will start at around 4pm, and Howard Dean will be speaking to supporters with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall as his backdrop while the focus of the national media rests squarely on Philadelphia. We are hoping for a massive turnout—if you are anywhere in the megalopolis from Boston down to D.C., please consider making the trip. If you’ve got questions or need more information, feel free to contact me or visit the Philly4Dean website.

10 Responses to “Dean comes to Philly”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I’ve been meaning to get over to the Constitution Center anyway, and now I’ve got a good reason!

  2. Jen Says:

    Great post Mike! I think this campaign is also about hope – not anger as so many pundits and talking heads might say. It is about the desire we all have that we can make a difference in our community and our world. This is a campaign in which every single one of us count – every dollar we give, every flyer we pass out and every person we talk to about Governor Dean truly does make a difference in whether he wins the White House. And that gives me renewed hope for my country. I mean jeez…I almost feel as giddy as I did when I first learned about the Constitution and the Bill of Bights in 7th grade Government class and thought they actually stood for something…

  3. ash Says:

    make sure all the staging is secure

  4. Mike Says:

    That’s an excellent point — we can’t afford another Sandra Day O’Connor incident.

  5. Christine Says:

    Dean! Dean! Dean! (Cheer a few times for me too, ok?)

  6. Jen Says:

    this is grassroots…no crazy-rope-pulling-arch-falling-set for us…just a few styrofoam Liberty Bells that couldn’t hurt a fly.

  7. ash Says:

    no crazy? you must be kidding, i heard that mayor street was on the schedule.

  8. Jen Says:


  9. Nicole Says:

    Mike – I heard on the news this morning that the Town Hall meeting at the Center isn’t open to the public. Will Dean be speaking beforehand to an open forum?

  10. jon Says:

    Since I can’t make it to the speech due to a birth and lack of interest, and since you are on this campaign, do you think you could get me a nice autographed press photo that says, “Jon, thanks for the help. Big Daddy Dean.” I would hang it on my wall and draw all kinds of southern interest to the campaign, plus it would be cool. What do you say, can you hook a brother up?
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