UMass logos unveiled

New Minuteman
New Minuteman mascot
My reaction to the release of the new University of Massachusetts mascot and logos today is relief more than anything else. For a while it looked like the symbol was going to become another victim of political correctness, but after a lot of back and forth the school decided to keep the Minuteman rather than switch to something awful like gray wolves.

When I saw this prototype for a Sixers logo on the Phoenix Design Works website, I assumed we’d be seeing something very similar when the new UMass logos were unveiled. What’s been delivered, though, is true to the image of a Minuteman—I think Phoenix and UMass got it just about right. It’s great to see that awful logo script go away as well.

One more thing: I’m more than a little surprised to see a musket on his shoulder. Maybe the administration has finally accepted the idea that the Revolutionary War was a war—with guns—and criticism directed at that part of this symbol is a little misdirected. In a strange way, I guess I find that gun comforting.

6 Responses to “UMass logos unveiled”

  1. robert Says:

    i dunno man. if anything, looking at that new UMASS logo makes me wanna eat donuts for some reason.

  2. rannie Says:

    UM ass!

    that’s what i see

    tee hee

  3. Christine Says:

    I kind of like it. More importantly, I’m just glad you posted! ;)

  4. Mike Says:

    Okay, so far we’ve got a vote for honey-glazed, one for a vulgar anatomical term, and one shrug. Since the goal was to sell more merchandise, I wonder if this bodes well.

  5. jenn Says:

    I’m shrugging right along with Christine – nice logo, nicer to see the post! The Sixers logo prototype on the other hand? Horrendous…

  6. andy Says:

    Hey all your hard work paid off Mike :) . I mean are there any Grey Wolves in MA. I’ve yet to run into any. The guy looks like he’s ready to rip open his shirt to reveal a big S.

    A few issues tho:

    Weren’t they fighting the “Red Coats” :/ Is he a blood or a Crip cmon (i know the school colors etc.)

    The Fab 5 says “Don’t match, coordinate” I think he needs a visit.
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