Can blogs influence an election?

Joe Trippi, Howard Dean’s campaign manager, thinks blogs can influence an election. So far the Dean organization has embraced the web through Meetup and the campaign’s official blog, and a good chunk of the web has embraced Dean right back. Another opportunity for the web to affect the election has presented itself:’s online primary takes place next week and will determine which Democratic candidate will get that organization’s endorsement.

I don’t think the significance of this opportunity is being overstated by the Dean campaign. Personally, I’d like to see bloggers recognized for something other than cheerleading for George W. and his wars. What a great opportunity to make a difference in the way blogging is perceived and illustrate the power of grassroots organizing on the web. If Howard Dean happens to get some publicity and funding out of the deal, so much the better.

2 Responses to “Can blogs influence an election?”

  1. robert Says:

    i’m sure eventually all presidents will have a blog. but who will trust it unless there is a prez cam?

  2. JP Says:

    robert – when howard dean posts on a blog you can tell he wrote it himself. maybe blogs will eventually force officials to use their own words instead of political-speak…and wouldn’t that be great?
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