No trucks

two trucks

There haven’t been any trucks so far this week at truck808, but the non-truck shots are just as interesting. While we wait for the return of diesel-powered photos over there, here are a couple trucks outside my house today. Neighbors gathered outside and children waved flags—we all thought it was some sort of parade. Maybe they’ll put in a traffic light next.

6 Responses to “No trucks”

  1. Mike Says:

    This picture is not the least bit interesting, except that the UPS truck was long gone by the time I got to the front of the other truck. They are paving our exercise trail today, that’s what all the excitement’s about. Oh, and I’ve also learned that it’s a lot harder to make an interesting truck shot than you might think.

  2. robert Says:

    holy smokes! now THERES a cool rig shot!

    seeing these shot PANORAMIC style really gets me going. 10-4 M1K3!

    by the way., you live in a nice neigborhood. where’s the basketball hoop?

  3. jon Says:

    Dude, the skills associated with that panoramic are beyond belief. Did you use a tripod or something. I have tried to do that and I can never get my pics to line up. Anyway, paved running trails, that is pretty sweet. that means you won’t have to get your shoes all dusty on your daily runs. Right? Right Mike. Hello?

  4. andy Says:

    Lies all lies! This is obviously a cover-up of the construction of a secret underground bunker to keep Moose safe from Monkey Pox!

  5. byron Says:

    Mike, excellent picture. I like the way you changed the exposure for each shot giving it that gradient affect. When did you learn how to use paint shop pro?

  6. truck808 Says:


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