Amish Pizza Hut
“Amos, how is it that the cheese is baked inside the crust?”
While taking a Sunday drive through Amish country today, I tried to resist the urge to shout “Buggy!” everytime we passed one on the road. I don’t think I’ll ever stop being fascinated by them, co-existing with the gawkers, shoppers and tourists drawn by the sprawling outlet malls and attractions like the Amish Experience multimedia theater. If some of the Amish kids weren’t riding around on Razor scooters and Rollerblades, it would be as if time had stopped for them—and from what I could see they were doing a lot of laughing and having fun. No internet, no voicemail, no flat-screen televisions. I’m jealous.

8 Responses to “Juxtapositioned”

  1. Sooz Says:

    I like the sort of fuzziness of the trees. What kind of camera did you use to take your photo?

    And isn’t there some sort of “don’t take photos of the buggies” law? You like to live on the edge?

  2. griff Says:

    i thought the amish would be upset about how they are portrayed in the comedy film kingpin but then realized none of them would ever see it.

  3. robert Says:

    there is something really beautiful about that picture man. such tension, such contrast.

    where did you go to eat?

  4. ash Says:

    zinn’s diner, dude, where else?

  5. jon Says:

    I am only jealous because I can’t grow that awesome beard like they do. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be manly.

  6. robert Says:

    wow…. zinn’s > yum!

    Do they really serve pig stomach?

    That sounds zinnlicious.

  7. james Says:

    We’ve got the Mennonites here in Ontario. Though they’re clustered about an hour and a half from Toronto, the other day I saw about half a dozen riding the subway and speaking what I assumed was German. Crazy.

  8. andy Says:

    EEEE! I shudder to think about the pollution that comes outa that tailpipe!
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