Shame on you, Mr. Davezilla

And shame on Leia, too. The Anti-Bloggies 2003 winners are up, and I’m more than a little shocked to see that the organizers have presented themselves with the trophy for Best Blogging Awards. I don’t know how they can sleep at night while Christine works so hard sucking up to the cool accutane kids, Brad keeps crushing beer cans on his forehead and scratching himself, and poor Rannie just can’t seem to get himself to work on time. You can be sure neither the Pope nor Natalie Maines would approve.

3 Responses to “Shame on you, Mr. Davezilla”

  1. robert Says:

    Whoooooaaaa! Mikey!

    Tellin’ it the way IT IS!

    Don’t stop now man.


  2. Leia Says:

    Hey, the people have spoken. You can’t argue with what the people want. The people want the AntiBloggies. People!

  3. ash Says:

    this just proves what i have been saying all along: the people don’t know what the F they are on about.
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