A Prairie Home .Com panion

I never really liked A Prairie Home Companion on public radio. I tried to like it. But, it never worked out for me. It’s not funny. Some of the music is ok. For the most part though, I find it rather dull.

But now, there is Fray Cafe. Words, music, laughter and ideas really come home at a Fray event. Here’s to Derek Powazek, for being the new Garrison Keillor.

7 Responses to “A Prairie Home .Com panion”

  1. Christine Says:

    You wrote a post! I’m so excited. Let me know where the new blog lands. I’m with you – I don’t care for Prairie Home Companion either, but Fray Cafe was great!

  2. Kevin Smokler Says:

    Well put.

  3. Mike Says:

    Very cool to see Robert blogging, even if it is temporarily on my site instead of his own. We’ll get him blogging soon enough.

  4. Geoffrey Says:

    Now, y’see, I’ve been a big fan of Prairie Home Companion ever since I was a kid — but the Fray still blows it out of the water. Any of you who are interested in this kind of thing should swing by the Digital Storytelling Festival in Sedona this summer. I believe Derek and I will both be there. Come on down, join the party. :)

  5. Michael Says:

    Did you see the Simpsons where (yes, 73% of all my sentences start that way) the family’s watching a thinly-veiled P.H.C.? And Homer winds up smacking the TV and yelling, “Be more funny!”? I only wish I remembered what episode it was.

  6. Alex Says:

    You’ll be pleased(?) to know that Prarie Home Companion makes it all the way over to New Zealand, where it bores the pants off National Radio listeners on Sundays, holidays, and any other day there aren’t any real people in the studios.

  7. { fray cafe 3 } Says:

    People are talking

    People are talking about Fray Cafe 3! Read on for some choice comments and links to photos of the event from around the web.
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