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If this has been done before, I haven’t seen it: The Philadelphia Daily News has stirred things up a little more between the Eagles and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers by creating a parody of loudmouth Warren Sapp’s official website. Alluding to the size of the defensive player’s gut as well as his mouth, the News staff modified the original and came up with the more appropriate Good for a chuckle.

Not to be outdone, the Bucs got in on the war of words on their own site, posting a Flash splash screen (people still do that?) which claims “Losing is for the Birds.” Um, ok guys. Just put the pads on.

8 Responses to “Trash talk dot com”

  1. jon Says:

    No, no. This is the good part. You let all these arrogant windabgs yack it up and talk all this shit until game time. Then, when a national audience is looking, and waiting for the plays they have been promised, when they don’t do crap it is way funnier. Since both sides talk nonsense, obviously someone is fgoing to look foolish. I love the post game interviews of the biggest dolt. “Well, I guess we underestimated the pride….” Translated: Shit, I hope people forget how stupid I looked by next season.

  2. ericalynn Says:

    isn’t that twinkiekilla a great site? stephen and I were laughing about it for *hours*.

    I seem to have caused some issues on the buccaneers message board a few days ago, along with some other Eagles fans. It’s pretty hilarious to get them all riled up :)

  3. Nicole Says:

    I’ll be so happy when this crap is over. The rhetoric is getting insane.

  4. ericalynn Says:

    well, what do you expect?! philadelphia hasn’t seen a championship – or a championship caliber team – in decades.

  5. Mike Says:

    Ericalynn, you’re easily amused, aren’t you?

  6. Alyce Says:

    I was just happy that my upstairs neighbors held themselves together. Usually they stomp on the floor so hard plaster falls down when Philadelphia’s losing. I was worried for awhile that they’d killed themselves, but I heard them swear occasionally.

  7. Drew Bledsoe Says:

  8. John Kerry Says:

    I am better than bush i kick ass
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